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Brow and Lash Booster

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    Brow & Lash booster is an effective remedy for thin eyebrows because of its rich content of fatty acids, nutrients, & minerals. The Oil helps nourish & moisturize your follicles while also triggering hair growth from dormant follicles.

A very effective blend ofingredients that boosts brow and lash growth with every application. This lashand brow oil helps boost hair growth This lash and brow oil helps boost hairgrowth by nourishing and moisturising the follicles.

•Helps trigger hair growth on thebrow area and for lashes.
•Makes lashes wispy.
•Helps with thinning of the brow.
•Helps naturally grow outeyebrows and lashes.

Brush through the brows andlashes using the wand every night and wash it off with lukewarm water the nextday.

Helped a lot in Brow n lash growth.. They look thick and black now.. Loving it

Love using this brow and lash booster I am using this for my lashes as I always want my lashes to b thick voluminous and now since I am applying it for a week I can notice the difference Thanks for this great product ♥️

this lash serum just a magic to increase your lashes and thickness..

Recommended to my friend, and she is in love with this, amazing results ✨

Using it since 1 month and can already see difference in my lashes going voluminous without macara

this lash serum is good and helps you to thicken your brows and lashes.

My mum and me both are using this booster really happy with the results as we both have thin eyebrows specially my mom she has really have thin eyelashes. It's really working on her. Great ma'am 💕🤗

Excellent product.The results are super fast and amazing.It made my thin eyebrows thick and black within a week of using the product.

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Brow and Lash Booster



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