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Coconut Vanilla Lip Butter

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    A Nourishing Natural Blend of Moisturising Lip butter infused with Coconut and Vanilla for Soft, Supple and moisturised lips. The Coconut Oil helps moisturise the lips while the Vanilla adds in a wonderful lip smacking fragrance !

ANourishing Natural Blend of Moisturising Lip butter infused with Coconut andVanilla for Soft, Supple and moisturised lips.The CoconutOil helps moisturise the lips while the Vanilla adds in a wonderful lipsmackingfragrance.This lipbutter helps heal the lips by creating a protective layer. The rich blend alsohelps deeply heal cracked and flaky lip. Helps soften and maintain the lipsnatural colour and prevents darkening of the lips.Being asuper rich Formula, this Lip Butter helps Prep and Prime the lips pre-makeupapplication and also helps remove lip makeup with ease.

Cocoabutter: Deeply hydrates and moisturises the lips.
Coconutoil: Helps treat dry and chapped lips.
Vanilla:Helps heal and prevent further chapping of the lips.

•SuperNourishing Formula.
•Very softand lightweight on the lips.
•Helps Healthe Lips.
•Helps PreventCracks.
•Helpssoften the lips.
•Helps PrepThe lips pre-makeup in less than 5 minutes.
•Also HelpsRemove Lip makeup.

ourishinglip butter for dry lips.

Apply agenerous layer on the lips.Prep thelips for smoother lipstick application by just leaving this on for 5 minutes.Also can beused to remove lip makeup.

This is my another favourite after pumpkin honey one.... This variant is highly moisturizing and makes the lips super soft.... And the scent is so so good...

This one has a very grainy texture unlike typical lip balms so I suggest taking a little Amount and masking it onto the lips and then applying a little more after that. It's great as a lip primer and overnight treatment as well. It has a yellow tint but doesn't make the lips yellow. It's the perfect dry chapped lips treatment

My sis gifted me this lipbalm was so hydrating and smell❤️

Superb Lipbalm. Extremely hydrating!! Highly recommend

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Coconut Vanilla Lip Butter



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