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Coffee Infused Eye Serum

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    If Brighter, Smoother & Wrinkle Free Eyes are your goal, score this. Our Coffee infused Eye Serum helps reduce puffiness while brightening the eye area while also smoothening fine lines.

Our Coffee infused Eye Serum helps reducepuffiness while brightening the eye area while also smoothening fine lines and Preventingcrows feet also Helps reduce dark circles and promotes blood circulation.

Feature Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil: Helps even out pigmentationand lighten the eye area. Stimulates collagen production preventing finelines.
Granulated Coffee: The Caffeine in the CoffeeGranulates help de-puff and lighten the eye area. Helps shrink eye-bags andalso lightens dark circles.
Chamomile: Helps reduce swelling around theeyes (eyebags) and calm the eye contour.
Sandalwood Oil: Stimulates blood flow andhelps heal fine lines.

•Helps lighten dark circles.
•Smoothen fine lines.
•Helps Prevent Formation of Fine lines.
•Helps de puff the under eye region.
•Hydrates and nourishes the under eye region.
•Repairs and maintains the under eye regionand prevents crows feet.

Concerns: Under Eye puffiness, under eyebrightening, prevents fine lines.

Tap in two drops of the Rich blend under andaround the region every night before bed time to nourish and repair the skinwhile you get your beauty sleep.

Definitely worth a try.. Helped me reduce dark circles in a months time, tried many products from GlamAroma, didn't expect this to work but GlamAroma never disappoints 😍

First thing it smells Amazing...nd you see visible results in a month..Amazing product

Amazing results🌼 The fragrance is also too good Well done GlamAroma🌺💕

It started working from the first use. I have been using it for months now and my dark circles are gone. I have used a lot of products from Glamaroma and it's one of the best. Highly recommended!!

Worked really well on my dark circles.

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Coffee Infused Eye Serum



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