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Dead Sea Mud Mask

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    100% natural mineral infused mask is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and Calcium which helps nourish skin while also exfoliating naturally and brightening the skin.

A 100% natural mineral infused mask which is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and Calcium which helps nourish skin while also exfoliating naturally and brightening the skin. Salt in the Dead Sea helps with acne, eczema and psoriasis. This mask also takes care of fine lines and wrinkles.

Feature Ingredients:
Pure dead sea minerals.

•Relieves Acne
•Helps with eczema and psoriasis.
•Helps Deep Cleanse your skin.
•A Deep Purifying and Cleansing mask.
•Helps Improve Skin Texture.
•Helps Retain Natural Moisturise in the skin.
•Gives skin a Radiant, Bright and Youthful Appearance.

A skin purifying mud mask.


Apply on to damp freshly cleansed face and neck area and wash it off after 10-15 minutes for fresher and cleaner looking skin. Use Thrice a week for best results.

This is detox in a Tub! It's a must try product if u have nay skin issues. Works for almost everything.. From pimple to wrinkles to open pores.. It also cleanses ur pores and reduces blackheads...

Have been looking for such kind of product.. Finally found this here.. I m really satisfied with how it worked on my skin. Thank u Glamaroma

This mask I'm using it had been a month I can see the change on my it really work for the black heads

OH MY. At first use I was skeptical..but when I got a few pimples and my skin seemed so congested this became a saviour..give this atleast 2 uses to see it's magic..This dried out my pimples with JUST 3 uses..IM OBSESSED..ONE LITRE TUB PLS.

10/10 recommend checking this out especially if you are acne prone. This is my absolute favorite by GlamAroma or any other brand. The mask helps tremendously to soothe and dry out acne. Love it.

All products of Glam Aroma is so great jitni tarif ki jaye km hai 😄 Best part is no side effects Talking about this product it's helps me get rid of my pimples whenever I get a pimples just a spot and It dried out pimples just in one go

Good for Open Pores.. it also reduces blackheads and good for acne prone skin

At first i never trusted home brands but brand like glamaroma came and i was shocked,i used their dead sea mask i wsnt really sure at first that how would it react on my acne but when i used i was shooked,i couldnt believe my eyes that my acne was dried in just 4 uses... It just pulls out the toxins and i could feel my skin soft.

Glamglow mud mask has found its match if not BETTER! Affordable and does live up to the hype of glamglow . Perfect dupe for it in much affordable price . Acne ? Whats that lol! This baby here will take care of everything and detox your deep dark soul even :D They dont kid when they say its an all rounder mask . It has my heart! Just go for it already!!!!

As advised I have been using ur dead sea mud mask since a month and I have seen a great difference on my face. It is super amazing like I can't explain how happy I am wid it. I'm having some acne scars on my face nd are almost gone just in 3 uses. Works amazingly.. Thank u soo much..😍😍❤️

You are fab and your products are just magical. I used to have blackheads at my jawline as it was suggested by you I was using mud pack daily and see all my blackheads are now gone. It also helps in dring out of an active pimple. Plus my pores also minimising. A big thank you again for suggesting me with this product. 🥰🥰

Helps in cooling down the skin. Liked this product.

Amazing product❤️✨ Cleans ur skin from within.. Works great with pimples and acne scars.. Well done GlamAroma😍❤️❤️❤️👌🏻

This product is absolutely amazing💕😍... I just loved it when I use it for the first time.. Thank you glamaroma❤It works on acne prone skin as well as blackheads. 😍 favorite😍💕

From blackheads to acne to acne scares and deep exfoliating works perfect for everything my forever favourite ♥️

This mask is truly a wonder product.It cleans out the pores.Also heals any active pimples.It reduced the uneven texture on my forehead.My holy Grail product.💓💓

If you're acne prone, go for it. It's the best mask for ya skin. After this mask my skin feels so so so good. It's total love. I can't praise enough ya products. Wow literally wow❤❤❤

Great product!! It will clean all your black head and white head make your skin soft and smooth . Original mud musk you will get here from glamroma only.

The mask is amazing. It actually minimises the appearance of pores and gives soft and supple skin.

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Dead Sea Mud Mask



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