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Ease the Frizz Serum

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    Our Ease the Frizz Hair Serum is a non- greasy, non-tacky blend that Helps tackle and tame these problems. While managing and tackling frizz it also makes the hair softer, shinier and also strengthens the hair.

A non-greasy, non-tacky blend that helps tackle and tame the frizz with ease. This serum helps provide moisture and protection to the hair while also locking it in so the Hair strands don’t dry out and frizz throughout the day.

While managing and tackling frizz it also makes the hair softer,shinier and also strengthens the hair.

Feature Ingredients:
Pure Moroccan Argan Oil: A potent ingredient that makes the hair stronger, softer and shinier.

Grapeseed: A potent ingredient that contains a lot of vitamin E,which is necessary for hair growth, and health. Makes hair softer and shinier.

Jojoba: a potent Ingredient that Contains minerals that nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc. It strengthens hair, jojoba oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness.

•Eases Frizz.
•Locks in Moisture.
•Provides a Soft and Lustrous finish to the hair.
•Non Greasy.
•Non sticky.
•Makes Hair manageable and stronger.

Apply onto damp hair and let it work it’s magic as it soak in !

Helped alot with my frizzy hair. Loving my hairs😍

Helps to reduce frizz and makes the hair shiny.

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Ease the Frizz Serum



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