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Glowing Goddess Makeup Primer

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    Act as the perfect base to makeup. Gives a long lasting and smooth glowing effect perfect for dewy skin.

A hybrid between skincare &makeup. A unique concoction of ingredients that help maintain the skin whilealso prepping the skin for makeup. Helps create a soft canvas for your makeupand can be used just as a skin softening facial serum.

This natural oil based primerhelps blend and set your makeup effortlessly with a seamless skin like finish.This primer also creates a barrier between the skin and makeup preventingfurther breakouts and irritation.

Feature Ingredients:
Argan Oil: Rich with Vitamin A& Vitamin E, argan oil is a rare and rich blend that tones, moisturises andalso helps fight & heal Acne.
Aloevera Extract: Soothes Skinwhile also healing Scars from previously active Acne or wounds and also lightenblemishes.
Rosehip Seed Oil:Helps reducewrinkles and discolouration of skin and evens out skin-tone.
Avocado Oil: Best for sensitiveand irritated skin. Rich with Vitamin B & E this ingredient is a perfectsoothing and calming ingredient perfect for Acne prone or sensitive skin.

• Helps Maintain the skin.
• Preps the skin for makeup.
• Sets the Makeup flawlessly.
• Gives a beautiful skin-likefinish.
• Blends the Makeup effortlessly.
• Gives your Skin dewy &Fresh appearance.
• Suitable for all skin types.
•Can be mixed with foundationsfor a dewy finish.

Primes the skin for makeup, helpssets the base, helps make last long.

Apply 3-4 drops onto freshly cleansed, toned face and massage it inbefore makeup application

Have been using glowing goddess serum under makeup every. It doesn't damage my skin and also give dewy look to my makeup. Also my makeup lasts longer. 😍

Amazing primer cum skin protector.. Gives my makeup flawless finish

It gives glow to my skin and also brighten face for make up .i love it totally

Love this because I have acne prone skin and always afraid of applying makeup but after this I can do it fearlessly no breakouts and gives super glow

A perfect makeup primer for my ultra sensitive skin. Gives a very nice glow to my face when used mixed with foundation.

Perfect serum to achieve flawless finish makeup

I actually received this as a free sample. It works beautifully under foundation and doesn't make it look patchy/cakey.

I thought it will not suit my oily skin,but it does wonders..

My goooodddd.. I love this product.. It gives dewy finish to my makeup. I apply it before my base and after my makeup I spray rose gold mist. The glow I get is just ammmaazziinngggg.. Its such an amazing product. I must say it's more than I ever imagined.

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Glowing Goddess Makeup Primer



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