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Hair Restoration Oil

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    Packed with 13 Powerful Herbs, this is the perfect solution to damaged hair ! Our Restoration Oil while Softening and Conditioning the Hair also Targets Premature Balding, Hair Thinning, Slows Down Greying of hair and Also Kills Head Lice !

Packed with13 Powerful Herbs, a perfect solution to damaged hair ! Our Restoration Oilwhile Softening and Conditioning the Hair also Targets Premature Balding, HairThinning, Slows Down Greying of hair and Also Kills Head Lice !

Featured Ingredients:
Amla: Helpsfight dry scalp while promoting hair growth and maintains over all scalp.
Basil:Power ingredient that helps fight dandruff ! A perfect healing ingredientincase of damaged or thin hair.
Bhringraj:An Extremely Popular ingredient that promotes and stimulates hair growth.
Fenugreek:Prevents Hairfall and stimulates Hairgrowth 2x.
Brahmi:Helps heal and repair Hair follicles while strengthening and promotinghairgrowth.
Jasmine:Special Ingredient that promotes hair growth, conditions scalp and also get’srid of Head Lice ! Also Great for dry & Frizzy hair.
Licorice:Helps soothe scalp and also promotes Hair Growth.
Moringa:Nutrient packed ingredient that promotes Hair growth.
Neem:Provides relief from dry and itchy scalp.
Reetha:Makes Hair Shinier and Softer.

•Kills Head Lice.
•Prevents Premature greying of hair.
•Prevents Hair thinning.
•Targets Balding.
•Promotes Hair Growth.
•Deeply Nourishes the scalp and the Hair.

Hair andscalp restoring hair oil.

AfterShaking the bottle well, apply the Oil onto the Hair and Scalp. Massage for 5-8mins, Leave for 3 Hours and wash off with mild Shampoo. WithRegular use, can strengthen hair.

The oil has perfect blend of 13 herbs provides you much needed nourishment to your hair. It makes your hair frizz free. I am done with one bottle of this oil, will be restocking again.

Its been a month using it loved it hair fall reduce 50 percent n I'm going to continue this oil only bcz I can see it benefiting me

Great nourishment for hair reduce hair fall It helped me and my brother also who stays in Dubai and he is also happy with the result of this oil Thanks Glam Aroma.

I dont exactly remember when I started using this oil, anyway I'm on my second bottle now. I must say, my hair looks much much much better than it was before. It, for sure has volumized my hair, my hair texture has improved and the hair fall as well has reduced. I'm also using the hair tonic along with the oil,using both of them thrice per week. Thanks a lot for making such good products. ❤️

This is my favourate hair oil..i hv been using this since a long hv stopped my hair fall..nd its non greasy..i just oove this oil..

I have been using the hair care range and just loving it..oil is really nourishing i leave it overnight and wash it nxt mrng a bit heavy but it nourishes and moisturises hair really nicely ..

First of all its bomb ingredient list is what had my attention . But when i applied it i was surprised by the formulation . So light and non- greasy. Didnt feel heavy at all . Also, it has a mild aroma and doesnt smell like other hair oils .

I cut my hair because they were spoiled by colour and heat .i found your page on instagram and i bought hair restoration oil and I'm veryyy happy with the results my hair is longer and frizz free . I'm very happy with the products ..thanku so muchh ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nourishment level is amazing👌🏻 Removes dandruff and also works great with premature grey hair Overall an amazing oil💕💕

This hairoil is amazing as it nourishes your hair.control dandruff,dryness and increases your hair growth.

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Hair Restoration Oil



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