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Milk And Turmeric Massage Cream

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    A Fabulous skin Rejuvenating Antioxidant rich Creme formulation packed with the goodness of Milk & Turmeric that helps brighten, lighten and nourish the skin.

A Fabulousskin Rejuvenating Antioxidant rich Creme formulation packed with the goodnessof Milk & Turmeric that helps brighten, lighten and nourish the skin. Formulatedspecifically keeping sensitive skin in mind this Massage Cream helps boost thecirculation of blood, helps with hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, detan,reduces breakouts and scars caused by acne and improves the over all health ofthe skin and makes it radiant and glowy!

Turmeric:Helps brighten and lighten scars and evens out skin-tone.

•Suitablefor all skin-types.
•HelpsImprove skin tone.
•Evens out skintone.
•Helps withHyper pigmentation.
•Nourishesthe skin.
•Brightensthe skin.
•Preps theskin for further skincare.
•ReducesBreakouts and helps zap zits.
•Makes theskin Glowy and Radiant.

A skinreviving formulation specifications targeting Hyper pigmentation.

Take anadequate amount of the Milk & Turmeric Massage Cream onto clean hands andmassage it onto the skin in soft circular motions for about 10-15 minutes. Washoff once done. Use it twice a week for best results.

One of the Superb product of glamaroma, I really appreciate ur work, this face massage cream help me to get rid of my tanned n dull skin.... In first use it shows it's magic, gives me super glowing skin.. It's one of the Bomb product..

This cream from Milk and Turmeric range is one of my absolute favorite from this brand. It instantly removed the tanning and gives you bright skin. Since it's creamy in texture, it doesn't dry out your skin and it smells amazing. You can actually feel the glow

Bestt massage cream ever used 😍👍🏻

In this entire world there is no other product which is for all skin types purpose which have ever Suited me on my oily skin but this massaging cream is just magical. I use it once in a week and whenever I have to go out for any occasion or something I just use it just few hours before and my skin looks super glowy. It is a suggestion you don't need any other face kit you just use it and here you go. Amazing product😍😍

Received It during this lockdown period after a long wait but it's worth waiting works great for tan dull skin gives instant glow and also loving the flowery smell in it.

I was skeptical in using this cream as i have acne prone..But to my surprise, it never broke me out rather gave me a tan free glowing skin...

Just in one use i can see a difference in my skin texture loved it😍

Used it twice n cn c d glow on my face removed tan n brightened my face n neck. Good product for glow n brightening

Awesome ,removes tan and makes skin brighter.Super satisfied gonna repurchase again and again.This is my 3rd tub.

Got this bottle a month ago and started using it as a night cream and under eye cream. After regular use i noticed the difference. dark circles lightened up and eyes look brighter. Skin looked plumped and glowing too.

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Milk And Turmeric Massage Cream



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