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Pigment Clear Serum

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    This unique blend helps in controlling melanin production and prevents further darkening of scars and evens out skintone while providing a beautiful and and natural glow.

A potent blend of skin rejuvenating ingredients help in controlling melanin production and prevents further darkening of scars and evens out skin tone while providing a beautiful and and natural glow.

This serum works by boosting the skin turnover cycle and also helps with dark spots and freckles while also controlling melanin production in the skin keeping it healthy, supple & even-toned!

It is specially curated for skin with pigmentation (dark patches on face) and scars) to lighten and heal them.

Feature Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil: Helps even out pigmentation and lighten skin tone. Stimulates collagen production preventing fine lines.
Argon Oil: Rich with Vitamin A& Vitamin E argon oil is a rare and rich blend that tones, moisturises and also helps fight & heal Acne.
Rose-hip seed: Helps prevent dryness and heals scars.
Lemon: Rich source of Vitamin C that helps Brighten, heal and repair skin.

•Helps with pigmentation &hyperpigmentation.
• Controls production of melanin.
•Helps lighten blemishes and dark spots.
•Repairs the skin by healing scars.
•Brightens and evens out skin tone.

Concern: Pigmentations, Uneven skin tone.

Tap in 3-4 drops of the oil into freshly cleansed skin every night and let it absorb.

Worked well for my pigmentation. It's been just 2 weeks and loving the results.

I just love it... My skin is now breathing.... ♥️♥️♥️

I’ve been using this product for a few months now, and it has drastically reduced my acne marks.

My sister was facing problem of pigmentation. On Mahira’s recommendation i ordered pigment clear serum for her.She started using serum religiously and i am amazed of the results of serum.Her scars are fading slowly and further pigmentation has stopped completely.She is very happy

This product is so amazing

This serum is very light and the smell is very nice. Even the oily skinned persons can use this, absorbs deeply.

This product is amazing 🥰

This is an amazing product. My mom has hyperpigments on her cheeks it's been 3 months she is using it nd she is really happy with the results. In fact my acne scars also has reduced. Overall good for oily skin people too🤗👌

Amazing product for hyperpigmentation. Use it regularly and you'll notice the difference. Just love it.

Switched to it after using pumpkin and gold serum and still cannot decide which one is better 🤣🤣 but it does smells heavenly. I was super allergic to almost every smell during my first trimester and yet this magic potion somehow used to calm my nerves!! ❤️❤️ A big thank you !!!

Absolutely amazing serum ,my mom loves it.

This is like a magic in a bottle. Very helpful in lightening pigmentation.

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Pigment Clear Serum



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