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Pineapple enzyme cleanser

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    Pineapple Grapefruit Enzyme Skin Polisher is an AHA based cleanser + mask + scrub. This 3 in one Enzyme based skin polish is an innovative product which can be used 3 ways to cleanse while exfoliating the skin gently. Perfect for removing white heads & black heads from skin.

Pineapple Grapefruit Enzyme Skin Polisher isan AHA based cleanser + mask + scrub. A one minute wonder, that can also beused as a 1 minute mask. Now experience complete cleansing + rejuvenation in atub!
This 3 in one Enzymebased skin polish is an innovative product which can be used 3 ways to cleansewhile exfoliating the skin gently.
The plant Enzymes In theskin polisher helps breakdown Keratin in the skin without being too harsh onthe skin, this makes the skin softer, brighter and radiant.

Feature Ingredients:
Pineapple Enzyme:Helps gently exfoliate the skin and slough off dead skin cells.

•A daily naturalingredient based Cleanser.
•Gentle Cleanser +exfoliator
•A perfect Pre-makeupcleanser for a soft canvas.
•Deep Cleanses theSkin.
•Exfoliates theskin.
•Helps get rid ofwhiteheads and prevents blackheads.
•Can be used as aBrightening Mask.
•Improves Bumpy skintexture.
•Prevents Blackheads& Whiteheads.
•Makes skin silkysoft.
•Brightens &Lightens the skin.
•Nourishes the skinand makes it supple !
•An excellent SkinPolishing Recipe.


Enzyme basedExfoliator

Directions: To cleanse + exfoliate, take adequate amountof the cleansing grains on to the palms and add in few drops of water andmassage on to damp skin in soft circular motions for a minute. Wash off withlukewarm water or double cleanse using your favourite cleanser.

To mask, apply a thinlayer of a mix of cleansing grain + water onto clean dry skin for a minute letit dry and then wash of with lukewarmwater. This helps cleanse the pores and improve skin texture

This is an awesome product Instantly brightens and tightens my skin. I use this for special occasions n gatherings.. Once u use this u will never go back. 😍😍😍😍Super awesome product.

My two step skincare routine includes this and mostly the Milk and Turmeric Facewash. I have extremely textured skin especially on the nose and this helps with reducing it.

This is an ultimate product for instant brightening of skin. It gives a fresh and tightening effect on face

All in one product cleansing masking scrubbing at the same time saves time and does multitasking one of my favourite ♥️

It makes skin brighten .. awesome product

What a thought! This product is BEAUTIFUL! Love it! Micro granules never hurt do the job using it alternate days as a mask and even as a cleanser some days!

I have been using this product for sometime and trust me this cleanser is a pure blessing for sensitive skin. Keep doing the good work . ❤️❤️❤️❤️

My ultimate fav product from go to cleanser..just in love with this cleanser...Thank you so much Mahera...!!!

Using it since august and just loving it..i usually mix it with rose water and gently scrub it and leave it for 15mins it instantly brightens my skin and i use it on special ocassions i never use facial kits as this gives me such a nice glow and give smooth canvas to apply makeup smoothly makeup just glides on like butter...also i use it twice a week to scrub and mask with it..its 3 in one product glow,brightens and tightens skin removes tann ...

Amazing product Delivers what it says Worth of every penny I use this all over my body

it gives you instant glow on your it☺️

I have been using this scrub since 3-4 months now and I must say this is far better than regular physical exfoliators, I still like the chemical exfoliants better but this one does a pretty good job. It helps with textured skin, whiteheads, clogged pores and reduces uneven skintone. I will definitely repurchase.

It's my second tub...Nd I will definitely buy agn Nd agn product of glamaroma...a mini facial,a cleanser,a quick cleanup many benefits of this luv it💋😘

So here comes my absolute favorite product that's this enzyme. It makes my skin so soft so bright god I'm totally in love with this. As i said I'm a glam baby❤ I don't think I'll ever purchase anything else other than glam products. ❤😍

I’ve tried this product for over a month and I have to say that it leaves your skin feeling super smooth.

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Pineapple enzyme cleanser



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