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Plashes and Splashes Baby Shampoo

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    A natural and baby friendly cleansing blend Enriched with Olive Oil, wheat germ oil, amla extract, soya protein extract, tomato extract & fennel seed extract. Can be used as Head to Toe Wash.

A gentle and effective formula that helps gently to get rid of dirt and oils without drying out the hair or the scalp. A rich cleansing formula that also promotes hair growth for your little one!

Suitable for ages from : 1 month - 12 years and above.

•Formulated specifically for babies.
•No tears at bath time.
•Cleanses and nourishes the hair.
•Doesn’t dry out the hair.
•Promotes Hair Growth.
•Natural & Sulphate Free Formula.
•Smells Divine.
•Can be used as from head to toe

Take an adequate amount of the shampoo and massage it gently onto the scalp and wash off.

My baby loves this.. Make her hair soft and fluffy. Used it for myself too.. And it reduced my hairfall.. Loving it.

I have already reviewed the other variant of Glamaroma baby shampoo .This one is as good as the pink one.If you try ignoring it for it's cute name,cute color,awesome smell,amazing texture,amazing effect on hair,etc etc..but you certainly can't ignore the fact that it is extremely extremely safe for your child.Not only safe for hair but also for skin.My niece's hair is growing so rapidly and the earlier bushiness is replaced by soft curls.I vouch for this brand again and again for a very simple reason that it is providing excellent results with equally excellent customer service.We need to stop the stereotype that big brands and expensive products gives great results.If I could,I would have already bought all the products at once.I think Glamaroma is a strong breakthrough for small businesses in this market and I am extremely happy to be making a tiniest contribution by writing this review. P.s.I haven't been asked for a review,but I feel like a duty being a customer and a fellow consumer to sincerely review everytime I try something new.

Good for kids.this is my second bottle. And little goes a long way.

Ordered it for using on a trial basis and now I’m addicted to it. Amazingly cute packaging and super soft on hair.❤️

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Plashes and Splashes Baby Shampoo



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