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Pumpkin Honey Lip Butter

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    A Nourishing and Natural Blend of Moisturising Lip butter Infused with Pumpkin and Honey for Supple, Lighter lips & Treating chapped, dry & flaky lips. The pumpkin helps lighten the lips and make it softer while honey adds in nourishment while also getting rid of pigmentation of the lips.

ANourishing and Natural Blend of Moisturising Lip butter Infused with Pumpkinand Honey for Supple, Lighter lips & Treating chapped, dry & flakylips. The pumpkin helps lighten the lips and make it softer while honey adds innourishment while also getting rid of pigmentation of the lips. This lipbutter is specifically designed for brightening the lips and preventing furtherdarkening of the lips by deeply moisturising. Helps soften and maintain thelips natural colour and prevents darkening of the lips.

Being asuper rich Formula, this Lip Butter helps Prep and Prime the lips pre-makeupapplication and also helps remove lip makeup with ease.

Pumpkin:Helps maintain and lighten lip pigmentations.
Honey: Helps nourish the lip

•Helps getrid of lip pigmentation.
•Lightensand Brightens the lips.
•Lipsmacking fragrance.
•SuperNourishing Formula.
•Very softand lightweight on the lips.
•Helps Healthe Lips.
•HelpsPrevent Cracks.
•Helpssoften the lips.
•Helps PrepThe lips pre-makeup in less than 5 minutes.
•Also HelpsRemove Lip makeup.

Helpslighten lip pigmentations.

Apply agenerous layer on the lips.
Prep thelips for smoother lipstick application by just leaving this on for 5 minutes.
Also can beused to remove lip makeup.

One of the best lip butters I have come across... It helped a lot with the pigmentation on my lips... Ever since glamaroma introduced this lip Butter I have used like 10-15tubs.... I kept reordering this always and I stock up this and the coconut variant.

Hydrates and lightens lip color.

Love these lip butters ! The Honey Pumpkin is my favorite. Both variants are extremely hydrating and very delicious smelling but this one has helped my mom’s lip pigmentation issues !!

Why should you believe when I say this is hands on the best depigmentation lip balm out there? Because I have invested in anything and everything under the sky_ overseas or inland for my lip pigmentation which was horrendous! Bad lifestyle choices, genetic pigmentation, overdosing on lip colors, name it all. But this baby solved what nothing else seemed to. Darkness due to years of wrong indulgences(you know what I am talking about now) went first in he first couple of months. Took its sweet time but what doesn't. But it totally did it. My lips weren't overly dry anymore as well. And then it slowly is working on what I have inherited. But it is. Also, it protects lips from all those lip shades I just can't help trying. I stopped using it for a month and no,the results remained. So yes, it totally works. Also, consistency is key. Natural or not , it all takes time to show results. I can finally take selfies sans lip colors or tinted balms for that mattet. I may not have baby pink lips but so wasn't I born with it. But at least it helped rid years of what I managed to damage. I have already repurchased this. And so should you.

Super hydrating also helps in lightening pigmentation

This lip butter really moisturise your lips..and yes it works on pigmentation ..wanna say this is a lip balm one should have..

This lip balm lasts for 5+ hours on my lips! Super hydrating. Will repurchase!

It's moisturizing and hydrating enough to last for few hours ... And love it's fragrance ... Definitely gonna use this regularly

I almost had every product of GlamAroma except their lip butters. I finally got my hands on these and as expected it is just amazing like all other products of GlamAroma. I had severe lip pigmentation and chapped lips but after using this lip butter religiously I can see my lips getting better!! Definitely repurchasing it.👍🏻

Bomb product it works amazing,I just fall in love with this lip balm

This is literally the best lipbalm ever...i just started applying from yesterday and first impression was awesome its not at all sticky while applying othr lipbalms i feel stitcky and tacky the feeling which i hate..but while applying this hydrated my lips even today in d mrng my lips felt hydrated ...i loved the laneige one but this one is bttr and easy on the pockt too😍😍😍mahera you r magician m loving all your products ...

A staple in my skincare routine. Helps lighten lips and moisturises them without being greasy or sticky . And that my girls is all that we need in a lip balm . Go for it .. P.s- havent tried the coconut variant yet as i have pigmented lips and this perfectly fits my requirement .

Love this lipbalm I have dark pigmented lips it really helps me a lot.. 💋

It really great for me..I have pigmented lips for my liver Problem. I used many things to reduce black patches on my lips. And this is my savior, Removed a lot of black patches from before. Am using this daily, and i know after some days i will get a great result..

Most favourite lip's much better than body shop one Nd good fory pigmented lips I can see it fades my pigmentation after some uses...still I m using this.

I have pigmented lips, i have tried so many DIYS and other products, but this lip balm is soo good, I'm using it since 20 days and it's actually showing results. Will definitely repurchase. ❤ Xoxo Glam🥰

10000x times better than pricey and overrated lip balms like laneige, juicy chemistry etc...sooo moisturizing...even helped my ultra dry lips which I got after consuming oral retinol (isotretinoin) for acne issues!! Light on lips, no build up and little goes a long way. Its true that it helps with lip pigmentation too ❤

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Pumpkin Honey Lip Butter



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