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Pumpkin Skin Renewal Mask

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    A power packed Face Rejuvenating Face Mask with ingredients Suitable for all skin types that helps revive dull and lifeless skin.

Anabsolute blend of potent ingredients formulated to heal and repair the skin.Excellent for Acne prone and oily skin. This blend targets acne, acne scars anduneven Skin tone.Anexcellent skin treating mask that helps revive dull skin and tacklehyperpigmentation caused due to breakouts.

Pumpkinextract: Helps rejuvenate and revive the skin by fastening the skin turnovercycle.

•Tones the skin.
•Makesthe skin healthy and supple.
•Helpsheal acne and prevent further breakouts.
•Healsscars and lightens blemishes.

Acneprone and oily skin

Usingan adequate amount mask for 20 minutes at least once a week.

I am using this face mask with pumpkin skin renewal serum from around 2 months..and i must say m so happy that i tried them out...these product works like magic on skin.....🙂 Wanna try more of your products soon.

Pumpkin mask is a magical product. Reduced my acne marks and tightened my pores too.. I have finished 3 tubs of this magical product already. ☺

Everything which has pumpkin is amazing.. But only if it's formulated by glamaroma.. Every product in pumpkin range is amazing.. From serum to scrub.. They helped alot to get my flawless skin back.

Pumpkin skin renewal mask I really loved it And it makes my skin soft n it's creamy awsm indigrent use natural loved it

One of my favorite weekly indulgence! This mask has helped me tremendously for my acne and breakouts, it has also helped me with the blemishes left behind due to acne.

I wait to apply this mask every week! It makes my skin baby soft and makes it feel polished. Amazing!

Loved this mask tighten skin gives instant brightening.

This mask brightens skin instantly..Amazing results

This is such a beautiful face mask. Firstly, it smells divine. With consistent use you will see your scars fade. Highly recommend.

This is one of the best products I'm using.. It makes skin so soft.. Loved it

Instant Brightening!✨💗 Gives a beautiful glow, does not dry out the skin🌸 clears acne scars❤️ Amazingggg🌼🌼🌼

I really dont know how to trust other brands other than Glamaroma for my Skin and Hair Problems. This scrub was first gifted to me by Glamaroma itself and since then i fell in love with product!! Now using this product by my choice. It gives you instant brightness, removes dead skin and makes your skin soft. Glamaroma never fails to fulfill its promise. ❤❤

Perfect mask for skin brightning

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Pumpkin Skin Renewal Mask



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