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Pumpkin Skin Renewal Serum

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    Pumpkin Serum is power packed with ingredients that help prevent Premature ageing and fine lines as well as soothes Mild Acne & Pimples. It Helps Balancing Skin texture if that is one of your main concerns.

The Final step to all the nourishment your skin needs. A potent blend of skin transforming, reviving and nourishing ingredients that help nourishand repair the skin. The Pumpkin Skin Renewal Serum is power packed with ingredients that help prevent Premature ageing and fine lines aswell as soothes Mild Acne & Pimples.

Deeply nourishes the skin and also helps heal and prevent acne.

Feature ingredients:
Pumpkin Seed Oil: An antioxidant rich Ingredient packed with vitamins that provide radiant and youthful skin.
Rosehip Seed Oil: Helps reduce wrinkles and discolouration of skin and evens out skin tone.
Aloevera Extract: Soothes Skin while also healing Scars from previously active Acne or wounds and also lighten blemishes.
Argan Oil: Rich with Vitamin A & Vitamin-E argan oil is a rare and rich blend that tones, moisturises and also helps fight & heal Acne.


• Helps nourish the skin.
• Revives Dull skin.
• Makes the skin healthy and glowy.
• Helps Even out skin tone and tackle hyperpigmentation.
• Fastens the Skin repair cycle.
• Suitable for all skin types.


Concern: dull and uneven skin tone, acne and scars.

Directions to use:

Tap in 3-4 drops on cleansed dry face and let it absorb into the skin every night before sleep. Consistent and regular use is recommended.

In love with this pumpkin serum😘...It reduces pimples breakouts and make my skin look flawless 😊

The pumpkin serum is beyond my expectations. It has lightened my acne marks. Also gave me even toned and glowing skin. Can't stop using this product.. Its my favorite of all.. Right now I am on my fourth bottle. Thanks Glamaroma 😍

All products from glamaroma are awesome.... But Pumpkin Serum worked like a dream.. It made my skin almost Flawless. Showed immediate results. Ino wonder it's their best selling product.

This serum is everything. It has changed my skin and life completely. Thank u for the magic that u add in your products. 😉😍😘

This serum is in my hot list. I cant imagine my night skin care without pumpkin serum. I am using this serum till 2 years . love u Mahera to give us such a beautiful product.

Definite winner in my books ! This serums has helped my acne prone skin tremendously. I have combination skin and I enjoy using especially on areas where my skin is My dry and patchy !

This serum works magic on my skin... i had a very bad skin and tried many products from so many brands but nothing actually worked with my skin but after using this serum my skin texture have started being better .... my skin looks healthy and it feels great .... its my favourite in night care routine... thank you for having such an amazing products...❤️

When everything else has failed to, please come back to this bundle of joy and forget every other serum out there claiming wonders for your skin and yet not delivering even a fraction of it. On recommendation, I went ahead and purchased this two-three years back. At first, I thought I had been duped because it was oily andi gave an oily skin. But where I gave so many other brands a chance I stuck to it for a week more. It was around the second week that I noticed a strange shift in my skin texture. My T Zone was still oily but thankfully not greasy. But my cheeks and jaw line were a different story. It was lesser oily which I learnt later was because my oily skin was dehydrated (yes, even oily skin can be dehydrated and hence the skin's efforts to produce more "moisturization" in the form of sebum and therefore, all that greasiness). I had a few breakouts that were settling down. They didn't hurt that much and the redness came down considerably. On application it may look oily but give it 5 mins or so and whoosh! Absorbed. I would wake up with such smooth skin in the mornings especially. But yes, if you are thinking of curing your acne then it does say it helps with mild to moderate acne not overblown full on cystic nodules and comdeones. That requires medical intervention, people. And that is what I had but as they came down and I switched on to this I never had a complain. Also, please follow the correct techniques to apply such oil-based serums otherwise you are only disappointing yourself only due to your lack of knowledge and technique. Must try. And also why it's a best seller. Now you know.

Hands down the best serum💗 Its gives glow to ur skin✨ also prevents acne and pimples.. Worth a try! 👏🏻😍 Kudos to GlamAroma💗🙌🏻❤️❤️

Its the best investment I could have made for my skin. Have been using it for more than a month and most of my acne blemishes and uneven skin tone is reducing.I feel brighter now.thanks for the amazing product.

Magical serum I can't imagine my night skin care routine without this best one using from last one year and it reduced my acne makes my skin smooth

Its very nice product. I recommend this product to my friends.

I was not into serums and this is my 2nd serum. The first one I used hardly did anything to my skin and I was skeptical about this but hands down this is sucha good product. I could see visible results in 1 week after regular use. It has made my skin visibly brighter, the pigmentation around nose and chin area is lighter than before and looks nice and hydrated. Will recommend to everyone.

It has changed my skin completely 🥰

I loved ur pumpkin serum. It was really a boon to my hormonal acne like soo much huge difference. It made my skin soo clear and even. It makes the skin look soo healthy and glowing in the morning.

This serum is a gem. Maintains skin texture. Works on pigmentation. I have this chicken box marks. So this really helped to.reduce those marks. And gave my skin a healthy glow.

Amazing product...It has already changed my skin texture...

Hi I got refference from my frnd at first I thought it same like other beauty brand then i thought lets try it and now I am in love with pumpkin skin feel so smooth...

Changed my skin texture amazing product

This serum is very nice and good fragrance. Gives a subtle glow in t face.

The whole pumpkin range is such a stunner. This one especially does its job so well. I've been using this since 3 weeks now and it helped me a lot with the acne marks and textured skin. I'll definitely be buying more of this. ♥️

This serum is the best! I have used other serums but pumpkin skin renewal just worked wonders! It has reduced my acne and inflammations & gave my skin a smooth texture. I have a glowing skin now. Thanks to Mahera for this wonderful potion.

One of the best serums ever. Slowlybfades awaynthe marks and bumps on the skin and smoothens the texture too. Daily routine .

Worked really well on my open pores and blemishes. I have been using this since 3 years. It's one of my favorite product from glamaroma. I am Using it along with Pumpkin combo

One of my Favorite product from Glamaroma. 😍❤️💕

I have been using this for 3 weeks now. My skin does look a bit brighter and smoother now and a lot of improvement on the pores. And It did not cause any irritation to my skin. Satisfied so far.

A miracle!!! I have been longing for the product to be effective on my sunburn from quite a long time now but couldn’t find anything. About 2-3 years ago I came across this brand and dammm this serum is so freaking effective it gives very nice glow and I do use it before makeup as well it gives dewy finish❤️❤️

Really it is a nutrition for the skin. And I am loving it as it helps in reducing my blemishes , dark spots and makes my complexion lighter.

I just purchased this product after checking All reviews.Using it since last 3 weeks and People have noticed my skin after regular use of this and i too feel difference in my skin .. my skin is looking healthy after use of this product. My skin is looking more shiny after this. Go for it girls.

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Pumpkin Skin Renewal Serum



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