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Rose & Lavender Herb Infused Intimate Wash

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    The Rose & Lavender Intimate wash is Formulated with gentle and natural ingredients like Lavender helps Balance and maintain your pH level while also protecting the Intimate area.

Enriched with ingredients like Eucalyptus & tea tree that also help keep the nether region cleaner, prevent infections and also keeps the nether region & underarms fresher by controlling sweat!

•Can be used daily.
•Helps balance the pH.
•Helps prevent infections.
•SLES/SLS & paraben free.
•Helps maintain freshness and prevent odors.
•Helps control Sweat in the nether regions and underarms.

Take an adequate amount the intimate wash and lather on the external areas of the intimate region and wash off.

This is amazing product. I had vaginal infection and lots of itching too.. It helped alot.

Every women should use this product. Such an amazing launch by glamaroma.,😍😍😍

Investing in a good Intimate wash is quite important and I do not regret on getting this one. It’s gentle and very efficient especially the foam dispenser!

Every women must have this intimate wash❤️👍🏻

Thank you so much for finally providing me with a perfect product to wash my menstrual cup and ofcourse my vaginal area without fearing about disturbing the pH.

Must have product helps prevent infection and maintain the ph level feels clean n dry smell nice and the product last long.

So bought this after a lot of hesitation. But this product didn't disappoint me at all. Smells mild and more like herbs. Definitely reduces itching in the nether area after first use. The application is quite simple with the bottle it comes in😊

There is no word in the dictionary to describe the amount of relief i get after using rose and levender intimate wash. It's so soothing nd amazing💕 And especially especially during menstruation I feel little itchy and some rashes it helps me during that time also.. Thank you for making such amazing product. Keep going ✌✌

I love using this intimate wash👍 little quantity required which is good.Please come with othet varient too.

Every women should need to use it. Feels refreshing all day and smells really nice.

Very mild and gentle wash.Good product.

Blessed to have this product! My search ends here! It actually feels very light on your skin even during your periods. Helps in dealing with the odour! And in absolute love with its foamy formula which is very very gentle on skin🦋 Using it since oct,2019. And have recommended this to my family and friends. ❤

Great product every women must have this product 💯

This smells so good and solves the purpose.

Every women need this and it will take out all dirts can visibly watch and feels fresh at the time only and can use alternate days you will feel fresh for whole day and this liquid form comes like foam this make easily blend all ingredients. Totally loved it and this is my 2nd bottle.

A gentle cleanser, very mild on skin, doesn't feel dry at all, yet gives you a clean feeling. I'm glad I gave this product a try...I'm impressed!

Good product

Its a must have for all the women. Keeps the intimate are dry, odour free. I had fungal infection and it helped me with that. I use a pump in my underarms too. It keeps it sweat free for 6 to 7 hours.

I wouldn’t even think before buying 50 bottles of this product. This is the best intimate wash that is available and I am currently on my 4th or 5th bottle. The quantity as well as the quality is amazing.

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Rose & Lavender Herb Infused Intimate Wash



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