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Rose and Lavender Body Color Correction Cream

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    A potent blend of Rose Extract, Rose Petals, Lavender Extracts, calendula extract with more skin enriching ingredients that help effectively brighten and lighten areas with uneven and inconsistent skintone.

A gentle creme based formulation that helps target and lighten stubborn hyperpigmentation. This Colour Correcting Lavender & Rose Intimate Cream is formulated specifically for body Hyperpigmentation and discolouration around the neck, underarms, elbows, knees and bikini area. This creme formulation helps lighten and brighten the skin naturally and effectively without exposing your skin to harsh and unnecessary ingredients.

A potent blend of Rose Extract, Rose Petals, Lavender Extracts, calendula extract with more skin enriching ingredients that help effectively brighten and lighten areas with uneven and inconsistent skintone. Along with lightening and brightening this Colour correction cream also helps maintain the skin by making it softer and healthier.


•Formulated specifically for the neck, underarms, elbows, knees and bikini area.

•Evens out skintone.

•Helps Lighten the skin.

•Helps Brighten areas with hyperpigmentation.

•Helps Soften, Nourish & Rejuvenate the Skin.

•Suitable for all Skintypes.


Take an adequate amount of the Colour Correction Cream and Massage on to areas of concern thrice a week.

Rose and lavender cream is my most favorite from this brand. It really helps in lightening the dark areas and even out the textured skin. I am currently using the third tub and my inner thigh skin has really improved. Color correction cream is a unique idea.

This little tub is full of miracles.. It lightened my underarms. Also worked for my brother's dark neck. Now my mom is using it for her dark elbows. Loving this product soo much😍

Ok let me start off by saying it smells amahzzzzing!!!!! Bouquet of Roses & lavender!! Secondly , it DOES what it claims, no compromises there. Pro(lol) tip- for your underarms , it doubles up as a underarm odour control deo as well as does what it says, lightens them . This is just something that i accidently got to know once i tried it . I applied it after shower and my underarms kept smelling fresh for the rest of the day .

The best product i hv usedso far.. you'l see d diff in the second week itself.. i use itfr my underarm and boom its magic.. just love this cream..

Must buy! It really works well.

It really works like magic 😍 awesome product ❤️

This cream is really amazing. Works wonders on my neck area.. Using the second tub and going to order one more 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Helped in lightening my underarms.

Review time.I usually wait until I finish a product to review it after being absolutely sure but today as I am placing order for another new product from Glamaroma,I couldn't resist.So this review is based on using only half a tub of this magic cream on my dark underarms and neck.The cream has such creamy texture that you will feel like taking more n more in hand.But after I application it can be easily washed off your hands.No oiliness.I have never seen such a wonderful rosy color to any cream and the fragrance is the best part.Now did it whiten my underarms?No!!But it does what it claims,i.e.targets pigmented areas and brighten and lighten. I am quite surprised that half a tub has helped my neck and underarms clean a great deal given the fact that my pigmentation was due to PCOD.And is really makes any products to work difficult.Plus the odour control part is real.Apply once in morning after bath and you really feel fresh till night.And trust me it's just half a tub!! Next on my list if saffron shampoo and conditioner and I will be critically reviewing it since I am facing a great deal of hair problems and I don't risk anything with my hair.But I have come to trust Glamaroma so much that I am ignoring the chemical based shampoo prescribed by a Dermat over saffron shampoo.Fingers crossed!!Thank you Glamaroma.

The blessed smell of the cream...❤️❤️❤️ removes the smell of ur axilla for the whole day...the smell remains for the whole day!!!

Honestly I haven't used this cream religiously and so I can't comment on the color correction aspect of it. But whenever I do use it, I just seem to enjoy it so much! It has got a beautiful fragrance which I know is free of chemicals. It's color is pleasing and texture is equally amazing! I usually forget the purpose of this cream and I notice myself reaching out for this cream more than my body shop body butters!

Feels very clean and fresh always

I have been using this product on my dark underarms and knees. I am not regular with the knees but using it daily for my has lightened my underarms by 25 to 30% in just 3 weeks. I m happy to find this product here.

GlamAroma changed my life for better. This product lightened pigmentation in my underarms, elbows and knees. I use it daily twice religiously. No one should hesitate to try this or any of the GlamAroma products. Mahera really understands our skin problems and suggest the best products and they really do the job. THANK YOU GLAMAROMA

I actually never thought that it would work but after reading review I gave a try to it's been 2 weeks and I can see reduction in underarm dark patches. I have used it along with Glamaroma Rice and oatmeal ubtan as suggested by the owner. I genuinely loved it and going to order another jar soon.

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Rose and Lavender Body Color Correction Cream



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