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Tea Tree Skin Refining Cream

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    A light weight skin refining, creme based blend that is a mix of potent ingredients like Tea Tree extract, Salicylic acid, Aloevera, Almond oil, Carrot seed oil, Ashwagandha extract, Licorice extract, etc that stimulates deep repair of the skin while curbing acne causing bacteria's and drying out active acne.
A non comedogenic tested formulation that zaps the zits away !

*The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Day & Night Cream is a skin refining creme to tackle acne and heal the skin.
*The Tea tree Skin Clearing Day & Night Cream is anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and anti oxidants rich which facilitates skin repair and also prevents new acne from forming ! This cream targets both old and new acne, scars and also is super lightweight.
*This Skin Clearing Creme can be used both during the day and at night time.

•Helps zap the zits.
•Non comedogenic and tested.
•Suitable for all skintypes.
•Prevents acne.
•Soothes inflammation.
•Helps Repair old and new acne scars.
•Evens out blemishes.

Feature ingredients:

Tea tree: Helps curb acne causing bacteria.
Greentea: Soothes inflammation, irritation and helps dry out active acne.
Salicylic acid: Helps refine, treat and exfoliate the skin.
Vitamin C: Helps heal and treat scars and blemishes.

After cleansing and toning, apply a very light layer of the Skin Clearing Cream onto areas of concerns and once dry carry on with the rest of your skincare.
Use as a spot treatment for active acne or apply lightly onto to larger areas heal the skin.

Using it since last three days and works amazingly on my active acne results are visible Thanks Glam Aroma.

I have extremely acne prone skin and break out very often. This cream really helps me soothe and prevent further breakouts. I love how it helps dry out the acne and it works best on pimples that are ready to pop the results are almost instant with how quickly they dry out. The toner also helps with drying out the acne.

Best cream for acne prone skin ! Workss wonderss must tryyy

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Tea Tree Skin Refining Cream



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