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Vitamin C Cleanser/ Facewash

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    If you are dealing with dullness and tanning, Our Daily Vitamin C Brightening Daily cleanser is the perfect solution to all your dull skin woes. Our Daily Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser helps brighten skin, lighten blemishes and acne scars.

The Vitamin C FacialCleanser is a gentle foaming face wash that helps instantly refresh the skin,control sebum production and works brilliantly for all skin types.

Our Daily Vitamin CBrightening Daily Cleanser helps brighten skin, lighten blemishes and acnescars. Increases collagen production and hence prevent signs of ageing.Prevents melanin production and helps with pigmentation. Nourishes and improvesskin texture and provides a naturally radiant skin.

Feature Ingredients:
Vit C extract:Antioxidant rich ingredient thathelpsrepair skin and prevent further skin damage.
Orange Peel Oil:Orange peel oil has Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that helps healthe skin, known to increase production of collagen and blood flow.
Jojoba Oil: Helpscontrol Acne and also soothes skin.

•Brightens the skin.
•Refresh’s the skin.
•Lightens scars.
•Repairs activescars.
•Curbs Active Acne.

Specifications:vitamin C based cleanser, brightens the skin, gentle and cleansing.

Pump an adequateamount of the cleanser onto damp hands and work of gently into damp skin.Massage for 30-45 seconds and wash off.

It gives you required amount of hydration without making your skin dry. Vitamin c cleanser leaves your skin super fresh, it awakens your skin in the morning.

Smells like oranges and does it’s job very well. This was one of my first products from GlamAroma and I have always gone back for more !

It cleanese face without drying out gives glow and smells great

GlamAroma has changed my skin... this cleanser is also perfect like all your products..great product👍🏻

Smells like heaven and real oranges. It has made my skin blemishes fade with making my skin glow and acne free. Definitely give it a try!! A must biy product from GlamAroma👍🏻

Best cleanser! Makes skin feel clean and refreshed!!

Has become a staple..using from about a month now...adds glow to my face and instantly the fragrance omg! Heavenly!

Omg....!!! This cleanser is Amazing...its soo gentle...nd gives brighter glowing aftr few uses only..lovely product

M using this face wash it really make my skin super soft and clean

when i talk about skincare I don't think there is any replacement of glamaroma products.i have been using vit c cleanser since 11 mar and i can see visible change in my skin it doesn't make your skin over dry it does cleaning very well without taking out the moisture from your skin.your skin will feel so fresh. by the way i wanna try the acne range as my skin is acne prone i will surely try that but this cleanser is also working so well.

The one product i vil purchase forever. Its jus d best makes skin so soft and glowing also hadhelped in my acne scars.. just loved it..

It's doesnt need any introduction. It's a game changer. Helps with pigmentation n doesnt strip natural oils from skin

Smells heavenly✨ Makes your skin so soft and glowy Also it does not dry out your skin❤️ Amazingggg💗💗💗

Lightens acne scares in just a week and smells amazing😍

Best facewash ❤️❤️❤️

This cleanser is my absolute favourite!! 🙌🏻 It’s so gentle and doesn’t strip off the natural oil. Also it has got a nice fruity orange smell. Been using it since a year now and since then there’s no going back. 💜

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Vitamin C Cleanser/ Facewash



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