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Zap the Zit Away (Moderate Acne Kit)

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    A complete set curated with our best selling products for acne prone skin with moderate acne. This set is excellent for people that experience break outs often. The kit is a complete routine that will help you heal, repair & prevents further break outs.
The kit includes

Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser.

Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser is a brilliant cleanser that helps get rid of Pigmentation and also curbs acne causing bacteria. Vitamin C Brightening Daily Cleanser helps brighten skin, lighten blemishes and acne scars. Increases collagen production and hence prevent signs of ageing.


•Brightens skin.
•Improves skin texture.
•Lightens Scars and Blemishes.
•Targets Pigmentation by stopping production of melanin.
•Increases Collagen production in the skin.

Neem Steam Distilled Water.

A very potent Skin & Hair tonic that is an absolute skin saviour for the dry season especially if you are Acne prone and Sensitive.

•Cleanses & purifies the skin.
•Heals Acne & Pimples.
•Prevents further breakouts.
• Prevents further infections.
•Heals scars & blemishes.
•Repairs skin.
•Provides Relief from skin ailments like ringworms.

Dead Sea Mud mask

A 100% natural mineral infused mask which is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium and Calcium which helps nourish skin while also exfoliating naturally and brightening the skin. Salt in the Dead Sea helps with acne, eczema and psoriasis. This maks also takes care of fine lines and wrinkles.


•Relieves Acne
•Helps with eczema and psoriasis.
•Helps Deep Cleanse your skin.
•A Deep Purifying and Cleansing mask.
•Helps Improve Skin Texture.
•Helps Retain Natural Moisturise in the skin.
•Gives skin a Radiant, Bright and Youthful Appearance.

Aloevera gel

A power packed soothing gel that has no added colour or fragrance and is 90% pure Aloevera!
This pure aloe concoction helps soothe irritations of the skin and also can be used as zit zapper to dry out active acne.

•Prevents premature ageing.
•Helps soothe irritated skin.
•Helps treat sunburn.
•Helps hydrate the skin.
•Promotes hair growth
•Helps treat flaky scalp while also conditioning the scalp.
•Provides relief from Rosacea.

Bridal Glow Serum:

A concordance of ingredients that help repair and heal the skin making it flawless, lustrous and eventoned. The serum works brilliantly by improving blood circulation and fading scars and blemishes. This serum is also excellent for soothing and healing irritated and pimple prone skin.

•Repairs the skin.
•Soothes Acne.
•Fades scars and blemishes.
•Fastens skins collagen production and enhance the skin.
•Reduces inflammations and soothes acne.
•Prevents breakout.

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Zap the Zit Away (Moderate Acne Kit)



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