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Green Jade

Home Skin Care Crystal Rollers

Sizes Available : 1pc

Price : Rs. 1299

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About :

Jade is known as the stone of health and wealth. A very protective stone. Jade has a very powerful protective energy to it which protects the owner from harms and calamities both related to wealth and health. A very receptive stone that is known to invite good luck to the owner while protecting the owner from all kinds of negative aura. 

Here’s why you should choose Jade: 

•If you need a little bit of luck enhancement. 
•A stone that attracts wealth while also providing protection and healing the inner energy. 
•Helps balance low stress level. 
•Especially great for reducing bloating and calming the skin. 
• Especially great for Dull and Dry skin. 
•For people with Moderate skin concerns like mild acne. 
•Helps Rejuvenate the skin while also making it more youthful.