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GojiBerry CarrotSeed Sun Protection Lotion SPF 35+

Home Skin Care Cream and Moisturizer

Sizes Available : 100ml

Price : Rs. 425

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About :

Gojiberry + Carrot Seed Sun Protection Cream.  

By Popular Demand introducing a  hybrid that protects and heals the skin.

A sun protection formula enriched with ingredients that and maintain your skin while protecting your skin from potential sun damage and risk.  

A Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with an Spf of 35+ enriched with Carrot seed and Goji Berry Extracts to double the protection and prevent ageing due to sun exposure.  


• Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Protects from both UVA & UB rays.  
• Skincare + Sunprotection.  
• Can be used underneath makeup.  
• Doesn’t make the skin greasy or oily.  
• Non- Comedogenic.  
• Helps protect and maintain the skin.  
• Prevents skin damage and ageing due to sun exposure.  
• Suitable for all skin types. 


Apply after moisturiser and continue with your normal routine.