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Anti Blemish Day Cream

Home Skin Care Cream and Moisturizer

Sizes Available : 50gms

Price : Rs. 375

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About :

Glam Aroma Anti Blemish Day Cream


Why you need it:

Glam Aromas Anti Blemish Day cream helps heal scars and pigmentation. This Day cream is a perfect product that also soothes inflamed and Acne prone skin. While healing scars and pigmentation the cream also significantly improves skin texture and also clears skin and provides a beautiful glow.

•Heals Scars from previous Acne.

•Helps lighten scars.

•Helps lighten blemishes.

•Soothes skin.

•Improves Skin texture.

•Provides Beautiful Radiant skin with Regular use.



Tea tree: An ingredient rich of antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which make it ideal for treating and soothing skin conditions. Helps treat acne and also lighten scars from previous break outs.

Mulberry extract: An ingredient full of antioxidants its a anti-aging ingredient that helps achieve youthful, wrinkle-free skin. It also helps soften the skin and improve over all skin texture.

Lavender: Helps heal skin faster, aids in the healing of scars and also prevents further infections and improves skin texture.

Jojoba Oil: An anti-inflammatory ingredients which helps soothe irritated skin. Jojoba oil being rich in Vitamin A & E also helps control acne to a certain extent.

Rosehip: Helps Reduce scars, while lightening pigmentation and also softens the skin and heals fine lines and fastens skin regeneration.

Aloevera:  Aloevera helps Dry out the Acne and also heal scars and lighten blemishes and pigmentation of the skin.


Other ingredients

Glycerine, Germanium, Wheatgerm.



Apply a small amount of cream on your clean face and it to soak into the skin. Can be used both during the day time & night time.


Expiry Date:


6 months from the date of Manufacturing.